When we go about trying to place our activity within a finite time frame with the intention of recreating one milieu of a particularized set of 'historical' acts (i.e., a multi - dimensional space) we are always confronted with two major questions: (1) what is the purpose of this particular reconstruction --to what pragmatic (etc.) sector of our 'universe', is it addressed to (e.g., 'explication', 'teaching', 'informal conversations' etc.); and, (2) how will (1) influence the nature of the 'reconstruction' in terms of my own assumptions/stereotypes of the nature of those ends decided upon (teaching etc.).

-> Context 98; Mapping 225, 227, 228; Reconstruction 307;

& Art, work of 50, 51; Conversational matrix 112; Formalization 133, 134; Language environment 201; Opportunism 250; Problematic 287; Proceeding 293; Theory 344;

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