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Thu–Sat, 22–24 November 2012
Symposium at the ZKM_Media Theater

All pictures may be reprinted free of charge according to General Terms and Conditions Act in connection with the exhibition “Neuroaesthetics” and under specification of the corresponding credits.
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neuroaesthetik SOMcre.jpg

Neurons in mouse barrel cortex

© L. J. Gentet, Y. Kremer, H. Taniguchi, Z. J. Huang, J. F. Staiger,
C. C. H. Petersen (2012)
»Unique functional properties of somatostatin-expressing GABAergic
neurons in mouse barrel cortex«, Nat Neurosci 15: 607-612.

neuroaesthetik bdm0726_2.jpg

Kiyoshi Furukawa: „Brain Dreams Music“

© Kiyoshi Furukawa


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