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Thurs–Sun, October 03–06, 2013
3D–Festival BEYOND

All pictures may be reprinted free of charge according to Gerneral Terms and Conditions Act in connection
with the event “3D-Festival BEYOND“ and under specification of the corresponding credits.
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01.jpg 3D–Festival BEYOND

BEYOND 3D-Festival 2012
Photo: Bitterfield
© BEYOND 2012
02.jpg 3D–Festival BEYOND

BEYOND 3D-Festival 2012
Parallax Header
Photo: Bitterfield
© BEYOND 2012
03.jpg 3D–Festival BEYOND

Prof. Ludger Pfanz
Head of Department BEYOND 3D- Festival
© 3D-Festival BEYOND 2012
04.jpg 3D–Festival BEYOND

Prof. Peter Weibel
Director ZKM | Center for Art and Media
05.jpg 3D–Festival BEYOND

Jürgen Walter MdL
State secretary at the ministry for science, research
and art of Baden- Württemberg
06.jpg 3D–Festival BEYOND

Peter Weibel, „The Origin of Noise – The Noise of the Origin“
3D Noise Concert, 2013
Donaufestival Krems
Photo: Christian Wind
07.jpg 3D–Festival BEYOND

„in vain“
steroscopic stage projection 2013
© Bernd Lintermann
08.jpg 3D–Festival BEYOND

„Sequenza III“, spatialized
© Bruno Friedmann
09.jpg 3D–Festival BEYOND

HfG l University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe
10.jpg 3D–Festival BEYOND

Lieven van Velthoven „Future Visuals“
© Lieven van Velthoven
11.jpg 3D–Festival BEYOND

Pia Matthes, „Das Logbuch der Gisela“
[The logbook of Gisela]“
Photo: Evi Künstler
© Pia Matthes
12.jpg 3D–Festival BEYOND

The IRMAT–console on the opening of the Vera-Oeri-Library University
of Music Basel, FHNW September 14, 2009
Photo: Amadis Brugnoni


© 2013 ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe